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introduction for Glitter

Glitter (glitter), also known as gold and silver pieces, or will flash chip, flash powder, cut fine brightness by high electrical coating materials of different thicknesses made by precision. Its materials are PET, PVC, OPP, metallic aluminum and laser materials, glitter powder particle size can be produced from 0.004mm-3.0mm can be. Environmentally friendly PET material comes up. The shape has square, hexagonal, or rectangular. Glitter colors with gold, silver, green, purple, navy blue, lake blue and other colors other single color, and magic color, pearl color, laser and other effects of color do not have the Symphony. Each color were combined with surface protection layer, bright color, climate, mild temperatures with a certain resistance to corrosive chemicals, and temperature resistance.
Introduction to Editing
As an effect of the unique surface treatment material, glitter powder is widely used in Christmas crafts, craft candles, cosmetics, screen printing industry (cloth, leather, footwear --- shoe category, paintings series), decorative materials (craft glass art, polycrystalline glass; crystal glass crystal ball figure), paint and decorating, furniture painting, packaging, Christmas gifts, toys, pens and other fields, which is characterized enhance the visual effect of the product, the decorative part of the convex-level, more a three-dimensional sense. And its height flash features, but also makes decorative colorful, even more glory.
There has been widely used in cosmetics, as well as eye shadow in the field of cosmetics, as well as all kinds of nail polish and nail supplies.
Glitter shiny effect is due to a plastic film plus coating formed in the food packaging industry has a wide range of applications. But Glitter prohibited added to foods.
With the continuous development of technology, Glitter application areas will be more extensive.
Standard editing quality products
Glitter market type, color, size range, high-quality Glitter, embodied in the following major indicators:
1, high brightness: distinguish from the surface brightness, flash, high quality glitter powder, high brightness, mirror effect.
2, the shape of the normalized: quality Glitter, under a microscope to see the shape of glitter powder, the shape of a regulation, was the standard hexagonal, no cases of different sizes and powders appear.
3, resistant to strong acid: quality Glitter, acid and alkali liquid immersion medium and long term, to keep the color bright.
4, high temperature: Can cooking a way that will glitter in the high-temperature cooking without fading or partial discoloration was top grade. This method is used for the identification used glitter glue and glitter nail polish.
5 Production Process Editor
Glitter entire production process of ordinary concrete is divided into five parts, namely, vacuum plating, high temperature coated printing, slitting, cutting powder, powder sifter to flow, and ultimately had said, packaging and shipping. One of the most central to the product quality coated printing process for high-temperature production processes, this process will determine the brightness of glitter powder, high temperature performance and solvent resistance.


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