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Apply the pearlescent for wallpaper


Pearlescent materials are widely used in wallpaper paint, can produce the effect of color, its pattern and color with the different perspectives, the intensity of light and change out the different color effects. Through various types of special tools and techniques with different coloring process, so that the wall produces a variety of texture and light and dark transition of the artistic effect of the wall paint from the synthetic era of smooth into the natural environment of the new era of embossing paint , To meet the diverse needs of consumers decorative, and thus become the most modern space, the decorative elements of fashion.

The wallpaper paint take the pearlescent raw material to the pigment is environmentally friendly water-based paint, non-toxic and tasteless, green, strong water and acid, Antibacterial properties, not easy to insects, not aging, and many other advantages. Pearly wallpaper with high-level wallpaper exquisite patterns, three-dimensional sense of strong features.



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