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New glow pigment for plastic with blue green glow color

New glow pigment for plastic with blue green glow color
Model: ASB-6B
Unit: KG
Unit Price: USD16/KG-USD50/KG /KG
Min order: 1KG
Product Description:
Luminous pigments Description

Luminous pigments is a special crystal structure of light-emitting substances, it has a very strong light-storage - luminous ability, when subjected to natural light and light irradiation, that is, absorb and store part of the light energy, and in the dark and then slow the form of visible light freed.



luminous pigment (14).jpg



Luminous powder according to different raw materials divided into short-term luminous powder and long-term luminous powder two categories.

Name Long-term luminous powder (rare earth luminous powder)
Composition AL2O3.SrO.Eu2O3.Dy2O3.B2O3.SiO2
Type Inorganic pigment
Specification High luminous brightness, long time
Generally in the sunlight or light irradiation 10-20 minutes,the light afterglow time of up to 8-12 hours.


 Luminous pigments applications

Luminous powder suitable for injection molding materials PP, PVC, PC, ABS, PS, PU, TPU, TPR, EVA, PMMA, silica gel, sugar gum.
Luminous ink silk screen, printing, transfer, gravure, spraying, etc. (paper, cloth, metal, etc.)
Luminous paint resin, paper, leather, wood, flooring, walls, metal, glass, ceramics, plastics, fabrics, etc.



Luminous Pigment 7 .jpg





25kgs/bag or carton or as per client’s request

Carton size: 36cm*36cm*48cm

Around 10mts/20’fcl without pallet or 8.4mts/20’fcl with pallet





 1. About use and storage of containers, if you use iron or stainless steel and other metal containers containers, luminescent powder will be affected, the color is dimmed and even black. It is recommended to use a glass or plastic container.


2. About Grinding, solvent system common for emitting powder may be ground to obtain better dispersion. But with the water-based coated luminescent powder is not grinding, and polishing will destroy its aqueous envelope, thus losing the waterproof effect.


3. Need now with the current. It is recommended to use within 2 hours When luminescent powder mixed solvent. If the mixed solution was left for too long, due to the large proportion of the light-emitting powder, it may appear to sink even the phenomenon of agglomeration, once caking, stirred again might not be so luminous powder uniformly dispersed in the solvent.


4. The light emitting powder temperature, can be used for the production of mosaic, calcined with mosaics. Luminous powder at temperature of 800 degrees is not affected, but the performance of more than 1,000 degrees luminescent powder will be subject to greater damage.


5. When the light emitting powder used outdoors, it is recommended to use waterproof luminous powder, and appropriately increase the proportion, such as 1.2: 1 (the actual percentage may refer to different solvents of different treatments). At the same time, the thicker the coating thickness. Surface coating layer and a layer of transparent varnish to better protect the coating after the coating is dried.




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Technique parameter:
Product Description :Luminous pigment  
Typical chemical properties:  
Chemical Family Name : strontium aluminate europium doped
Formula :Sr4Al14O25: Eu+2,Dy+3
Insoluble In :alkalis, Organic solvents  
Decomposition by :acids, water  
Typical physical properties:  
Appearance : Light Yellow
Glowing color :Bule-green
Specific gravity :3.4g/cm3  
Particle size distribution :d50=max.28um  
Screen analysis :Max. 1% oversized particles on 70um.
Typical of light source :      
Excitant illuminance :1000 lx, D65 standard  
Excitant Time :5min  
Temperature :23  

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